Teagan Jane

Photographer. Storyteller, Nature Lover

With a hug from my heart to yours, thanks for stopping by.

Firstly, you’re either going to sit here with a coffee or a wine in hand, or you’ll do a scroll through and move on to the next page because there are too many words! If you stay to read on, thank you for your time and interest in my story….

This special venture of mine started way back in my childhood, exploring the near bushlands and hideouts via bike rides or daydreaming strolls. I received my first Minolta film camera from my Great Grandma just before I left Mildura for Adelaide to start my photography studies. All I had back then was a bag of dreams and odds and ends. Over the years as my kit grew, so did I. But I will always tell anyone who is starting out it is not about the things you have or the gear you don’t have, it’s about what you have inside, which will feed your soul – to feed your career.

I am a qualified professional photographer and I have been practicing photography for 8 years. I have now photographed over 600 different job briefs and have a network of very special clients. Technicalities aside, I believe the most important part of my job is to be real and relatable which is a special skill I have acquired over time and I highly value. I will tell anyone that the photography component of this beautiful business is only 20% of the work created here. I have assisted many great photographers, traveled and worked as a photographer in the United States and I have met people from all walks of life who have taught me lots of lessons along the way.  My experiences over the past decade have been a mixture of emotions – and life-changing. They have shaped me into the business owner I am today. One to mention is my work at Camp Schodack, New York, USA as a photographer. This inspiring and challenging job with long hours changed my outlook on life and opened a new door upon my return home. Not long after, TJP blossomed. A piece of me will always be over there, tucked in the woods, star gazing.

Every day there is something new to explore or someone new to meet or something meaningful to work on. Whether I document your business, your love or your family, it is always a unique experience for us both. I capture your stories, heart and soul, personalities and spirit. I seek the raw emotion, the real, the essence of everyday life. This doesn’t mean everything is always peachy, but life is what you make it and I enjoy capturing it. I travel to places near and far, whether it’s somewhere local and familiar or to the great unknown for a totally different experience, we will always get something in return. I value your special places and they become a part of my story, my journey. It’s certainly a gift to be welcomed into people’s way of life, and I am very grateful for these opportunities. Most of my work, even commercially based has a lifestyle approach, attaching warmth to an image.

I am a storyteller through my imagery. I strive to ensure that your session or photography service reflects who you are or what your message is.

I am a lover of light for the amazing form, mood, definition, and structure it adds to a photograph. I literally chase it. Different techniques and times of the day allow me to play with light’s beauty and I’ve spent a long time learning the intricacies of light and the effects it can have.   Starting out my photography shooting only on film, taught me to truly appreciate and value a moment and the gift of ‘light’.

Some days you can find me in the studio editing, or working on my boutique print and card collections or making new frames – and some days I will be out shooting on location near and far. During the busy seasons, I tend to miss my studio, so, during winter I schedule in personal work and new projects.

Some random notes about me:

I have an optimistic approach. People who know me well, know that I am a bit of a daydreamer and often you will have to snap your fingers to have my full attention, especially if I’m working on something! I have lots of cuppa’s in a day and my partner will shake his head when he tells you that he often finds half drank cups of tea or coffee laying around and I will assure him it’s because I got distracted doing something exciting! I café hop with my journal or laptop quite often because I can be easily inspired, and being a one-lady show means that I spend a lot of time on my own, so I will change up the scenery at any given opportunity and my work comes too. I am a big lover and I feel everything. Once upon a time, I disliked this part of me, however, it now compliments my work. Some would say I am a bit gullible. My heart goes into most things that I choose to do and the people that are in my life. I believe that sunshine is the best kind of medicine and if I give myself some time out, I am usually not too far from the river or amongst wildflowers. I don’t really watch TV or keep up with the news, some would say I am behind with the times but I like it that way. I get restless if I am kept inside for too long and can become a bit of a chatterbox. I don’t like the cold, winter days visually are spectacular, but some winter days I just can’t get warm! My heart desires travel – on the open road, dreaming and driving, is where some of the best ideas of mine have been created. I am that person who is a tourist in their own town! I have an eye for character and detail, the old and the shabby, the rustic and the country. I can usually see something completely different to the person beside me when we are in the oddest of places. Maybe I’m an old soul.

If you were to come to our home, you would find our emotional and goofy Labrador, Mack, and my main man, Simon who is a special part of my world and TJP. He (along with many other people I hold dearly) help me pack and lift my gear, frames, and my props when I travel and he is usually there alongside me helping to construct my projects, whether he likes it or not. We are a team. We enjoy simply spending time in our beautiful new home or having a night away under the stars, by the river. We strive to travel somewhere new every year.

I am inspired by my Great Grandmother who is the most resilient, creative and switched on lady that I know… and she is 98! Anytime that I pick up my Minolta camera, or read a powerful quote or notice a gorgeous flower on my travels, I stop to think of her – and thank her for passing on her creative genes to me.

A friend once told me that my images hold a hug within them. That really makes me smile.

My favourite quote:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
– William Shakespeare

My personal line to live by:

“Flowers still grow through storms”

Thank you for taking a step into my world (and for reading this far!). If we haven’t already met, I hope that our paths cross one day soon and that I can share my gift with you.

Teagan x