Bree's Story

“The thing about being brave is it doesn’t come with the absence of fear and hurt… Bravery is the ability to look fear and hurt in the eye and say ‘move aside, you are in the way’.”

– Melissa Turrino

In 2009 Bree discovered that she carried the BRCA2 breast cancer gene… in 2015 Bree underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy and reconstruction.

Just before her life shifting event, I photographed her body, her soul her absolute love for being a woman – just the way it was, there and then.

Bree approached me a couple of months before our session together (and I am lucky enough to have photographed some of her beautiful family members also over the past few years and I have been lucky enough to also photograph her own family on her Station, Banoon NSW.

All this time ago, it was very special to arrange a very personal session, to capture Bree’s story…  I enjoyed every little moment of planning and catching up with her so that I could intimately capture this delicate stage of her life, in a way which was going to make her feel beautiful and empowered.

The mission was to capture her emotions at that present time.

I would sum the emotions up by being positive, strong and facing challenging times.

Her words to me were “I just want you to capture my body before it changes so that I have something to look back on. I don’t mind that I’m not perfect”.

She wasn’t scared or upset about her decision, nor of the realisation of all the changes to come. She simply changed the paths she could and feels she is very lucky to have had the opportunity to.

Her strength is a true inspiration.

She has a kind, loving and spirited soul and all of these traits really came through during her session. We laughed, we had a couple tears, but most importantly Bree was confident and ready.

She is a mother to 3 children who carry her traits and she is a true role model to her family and friends around her.

Today, we have been reflecting together. I cannot relate to her feelings but I am so proud of her and in awe of her courage and strength… so,we are going to design a fine art album so that she can treasure this chapter forever.

Thank you, Bree, for letting me be apart of this incredibly personal journey and for allowing me to share it to create something inspiring and uplifting for others who may come to this stage in their own lives.

I am lucky to call this woman, someone I have gone on to create a unique, true friendship with, someone that I can work alongside with and someone I have can always have as a rock in my life. A rare gem, sparkly yet strong.

This collection of images is a peek inside a woman’s heart.

I hope you can see the beauty I see.

With love

Teagan xx