My fascination and obsession with sunflowers and all their beauty started 7 years ago when I was driving around ‘location’ hunting. TJP was still a seedling at this point and driving around searching for inspiration was also my way of soul searching. Looking for the answers within Mother Nature.

I look back now and remember thinking that having an eye to be a photographer was truly a gift and that I will find myself driving around, being inspired being able to call that work… pretty cool huh.

To this day, this part of creative business planning is still exciting to me.

I’m always asked “how do you find these amazing locations?” and I reply with “I just drive and truly look and truly see”.

Sunflowers are landscapes I really go hunting for, each and every year, as February and March have the summer sun that the sunnies crave.

I adore these wildflowers because they represent strength and growth. They can grow in the most random and roughest of places. Through rocks and even without water.

So, I started to photograph them. Mainly landscapes then a year later, my Sunflower Sessions were born. This particular concept within my business grew. The following year my annual sessions which are now ‘TJP Sunflower Signature Sessions’ were born.

I chase light and shadows as the seasons change. I appreciate every aspect that Mother Nature gives us. Hence why I have based my ‘Signature Sessions’ around the beautify of the great outdoors

So, you’ll see my Signature Sessions popping up all year as the season’s change. I have got a ‘TJP Signature kit’ of over 10 styles of sessions now. It’s taken years of crafting and designing packages that work for each season and I have a couple of new ones being released this year.

I hope you can take a moment to smile at my sunflower moments from various Sunny Sessions from over the past 5 years.

Pure and real. With special clients of mine who not only come along to make photographs, but to make memories and have a good time.

I have been reflecting a lot over these past 6 weeks as my business goes through a shift and bounce and I must admit, these are still right up there with my favourite style of portraiture sessions – even in the 45-degree heat!!!

I am really looking forward to the year ahead and offering you some more unique Signature Sessions. Unique TJP experiences.

P.S I currently have 3 fine art Sunflower prints for sale in the shop which look divine printed on a larger scale.

It will make my heart sing if you choose to purchase one for your home decor’.

Teagan xx