Your Brand, Your Message

This TJP service is for small businesses. It is a unique photography service capturing your message and the essence of your brand.

It is a way of storytelling in a professional and personal way so that your brand stands out from all the rest.

I strive to help talented people and small businesses promote their message. Being a small business owner myself, I know how important producing the right images are. They need to speak 1,000 words on their own.

I work closely with each individual client to ensure you get what you pay for. My style of work is a different approach to your usual commercial photography because I like to keep it ‘real’ and I offer an alternative service to what people would usually expect.

I seek to design a brief with you that will suit your business to ensure your images will portray and promote your services truthfully and effectively.

My promise to you…

This style of work is what I do best. I enjoy meeting new people and capturing your story. You will not be disappointed with the positive impact that promotional images, done right, can have on your business!

Within TJP’s packages, we can cover all aspects of your business. From people (staff), your location, the finer intricate details, landscapes, product(s) and more!

If you are interested in this TJP service, please enquire for further information and pricing on the Contact & Enquiries page.

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